SEN Schools
Other Sector (Leisure)


Architect & Lead Designer
Sub-contracted Design Team


Gloucester County Council
JB Leadbitter & Co




OGC Framework
JCT Design and Build 2005


Designed Around an Existing School
Circulation Concentrated Centrally

Sustainable Features

‘Very Good’ BREEAM
Super Insulation/Low Air Leakage
Natural Ventilation and Daylighting
Sedum Roof
Thermal Shading
Solar Water Heating
Orientated for Passive Solar Gain
Bio Diversity with Protected Bats


The scheme takes best advantage of the exterior spaces and orientation to ensure that the interiors are naturally lit, ventilated and airy. The exterior of the school clearly identifies through its form, the purpose and agenda of the various parts of the school whilst also ensuring a safe learning environment for pupils. Arrival areas for children and servicing for the school are also clearly designated, ensuring safety for the children and clarity and ease of use for visitors. This ensures easy access for deliveries and staff, whilst also allowing privacy for the children.