Education: Secondary
Residential: Mixed Tenure | Private
Other Sector: Leisure | Community


Architect & Lead Designer


Essex County Council
Higgins Construction






School cost subsidised by Housing
Developed on Green Belt


Higgins 'Project of the Year 2013'

Sustainable Features

‘Excellent’ BREEAM
Natural Ventilation and Daylighting
Super Insulation/Low Air Leakage
Bio Mass Boilers


The design of the new school was principally driven by an educational brief developed by the design team, but it also needed to successfully respond to landscaping and environmental concerns, such as the school’s new prominence and whether the re-positioning of the school would satisfy local detractors. An educational ‘street’ with projecting teaching wings evolved into a suite of specialist rooms along one side of a street and shared between two learning clusters of general teaching classrooms. The clusters are self-contained house groups with staff offices and their own studio space and central resource areas for larger groupings. The ‘street’ broadens at one end into the larger shared spaces of hall, dining and sports facilities and in this way the school neatly divides into the quieter academic part of the school and the noisier communal areas. Building for Education Article - ‘Between Town and Country’ for more information on the design process.