In addition to our pre-eminent educational design expertise, we also undertake a variety of work in other sectors such as workplace, healthcare, leisure and community and have built a strong portfolio over many years across all these sectors.


We have designed both new build and refurbished offices, creating modern open plan or historic and listed schemes. As a project example we have included the Meadway scheme, which provides 178 desk spaces alongside a conference centre.


Highlights include primary health centres in Oxford for the LIFT, and schemes in the acute sector for hospitals such as Poole. The Dunnock Way scheme shown provides a primary care doctor’s surgery alongside third party income through a pharmacy retail outlet.


In addition to the extensive leisure facilities that we designed as part of our schools, we have completed a number of specialist centres with both wet and dry facilities. Our High Ashurst scheme is an outdoor activity centre atop Box Hill in Surrey.


The aim of the design behind ELAM was to ensure that young people are well equipped to become skilled technicians, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs in the music industry.

High Ashurst, Leisure

The brief for High Ashurst was to create a wide-open space for learning and self-discovery in the natural environment. The project provides for spacious living quarters whilst also providing facilities for disabled children.

Dunnock Way, Retail

The Design of the centre was carefully developed to adopt a modulus form. This allows the building to be flexible in layout where future demands on the centre can be easily altered without large-scale shut downs and disruptions.

The Meadway, Workplace

The Meadway office and workplace was a joint design in connection with the Avenue School. Due to the nature of the disabled needs within the school element of the design it meant that all office facilities had to be catered for on upper floors of the development.