Peter Stephens leads our design direction of the office across all sectors of work, including the development and supervision of architects within the practice.

Peter has specialised in the education sector, producing a series of award winning schemes from concept and briefing stage to completed project.

We have developed a specialism in the education sector over many years and a dedicated staff base who are passionate about facilitating teaching and learning environments for the benefit of the future generations.

Hunters South Architects believe that the construction industry is at the point of radical change with the increasing use of technology, including BIM, VR, Robotics, new materials, 3D Printing and off-site manufacture.

The practice has therefore re structured over the last year to position itself best to serve clients within a changing construction industry.

Whilst retaining one of our founding principles of having a Director lead every project, we have now created specialist roles to respond to the new technological era, including the following areas:

  • Design
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • BIM
  • Media
  • Design Management